NW 11 – Term 2

Now that all the craziness of getting Term 1 wrapped up is finished, we can move on to Term 2. We are into the second part of Fahrenheit 451 and a discussion on distraction and advertising. Here’s what we’ve discussed so far:

  • What were the 3 Things Faber mentions are needed to help rebuild society?
  • Why does he refer to the allusion of Hercules and Antaeus?
  • What does Mrs Phelps cry when Montag reads the poem?

The in-class assignment was to create a short commercial with a tag line and jingle. The stickiest commercial wins!

For our websites we are getting into “meme-ology” and the study of information translation through memes. The first step is to demonstrate an understanding of the big concepts in F451 by creating a meme using the photo bank attached.

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