This week in The Lord of the Rings…

…five classes, five assignments to stretch your creative spirit.  Here is a list of what we’re doing as the week goes on:

  1. Monday is Vlogging day.  You’ve planned it out and now it’s time to film.
  2. Tuesday write your Roll Poem about a character in the story.
  3. Wednesday is emoji design day where you design emojis for the characters in the story.
  4. Thursdays are for singing. Write a LOTR song parody where you take a song you know and change the words to make a LOTR song.
  5. Friday is the day for radio plays.  Your group will have a scene from the script that you will turn into a radio play. Sounds like so much fun!

Then you go home and sleep well and get ready for the final essay as we end the unit!


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