“1984” vs Today

Your main assignment for this book is connecting what you read in 1984 to today’s world.  Whether it is a particular passage, term, name or idea, your task is to explain in an articulate paragraph how our age is not so different from George Orwell’s dystopian future.  Here is an example of what we are looking for:

The book fascinated him, or more exactly it reassured him. In a sense it told him nothing new, but that was part of the attraction. It said what he would have said, if it had been possible to put his scattered thoughts in order…The best books, he perceived, are those that tell you what you already know. (page 208)

Response:  Winston lives in a world that is designed to keep his thoughts scattered and his nerves on edge through constant distraction from the telescreen, propaganda, fear of authority.  As he reads the book, he is able to put the jumbles threads in his mind into some cohesive message guided by Goldstein’s words.  In our world, we are at the mercy of constant distraction and increasing anxiety and it is in sustained reading where our minds are quieted and we are able to see ideas that we did not even know we had.  Good writing puts into words what you could possibly think and feel and we improve our thinking skills by reading great writing.

Assignment: Use the “1984” vs. Today sheet as your guide. Your can use those 4 quotes and 6 of your own or use all your own quotes.  You need 10 comparisons by the time you have finished reading the book.  You should have the book finished by Friday, Jan 12th.  Here’s the chart if you need a copy – How 1984 relates to today

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