The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian – Eng 9

Finally something on here for the grade 9s!  From now on unit overviews and assignment lists will be posted here to help parents and students keep up with what is going on in English 9.   This week is the end of the True Diary novel study and we are working on our final writing and journal work.  The written response topic is the following:

When Junior looks down on the rez, he has a feeling of hope.  Explain why he has hope for the future even though there are still many problems amongst his people.

The scene is on page 226 when Junior remembers when he and Rowdy climbed the tallest tree on the reservation.  In your response support your ideas with evidence from the book and connect to other stories you know.  We will edit rough drafts in class and the good copy, typed, is due Friday, Oct 27th.

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