Music and Story

Musicals use music to enhance the story. The goal here is to listen closely to the songs and see how they set the theme, enhance a message, and give us a clue as to the motivations of the characters.

The essential question leading into La La Land is: what sacrifices or risks are necessary to pursue your passion? Why do we limit ourselves or settle for less?

We also are working our way through Shakespearean Sonnets to prepare ourselves for a play. This will be our final unit of the course.


Art of the Playlist

Music is a part of life. And if you were to ask each person what their top 5 songs were you would undoubtedly get differing answers for each. This is why it’s important to understand a little bit more about what messages come through to us in these songs.

The Art of the Playlist makes us examine our music as well as understand the idea of THEME better. The project requirements are outlined clearly in the handout and it is due next Tuesday, May 21st.

Here are some cool examples fo album cover art


Lit Circles and Music

For the start of Term 2 we are reading novels and studying poetry through music. The key to success in the novel study is…reading the novel. This means you should be reading in class and outside of class in order to finish the story. The intro activities are as follows:

  • CATAPULT acronym
  • Character Sketches

Most of the work is to be done in your journal so we can keep things as organized as possible.


Midnight is quickly approaching

The end of Term 1 is on Friday and there are a number of assignments that need to be in pronto. Here’s your list for the end of the Gatsby unit:

  • Gatsby discussion questions
  • Creative write description of a real life character
  • The Break Up script
  • A break up message to a loved one

On Friday we will do an in-class write for our synthesis essay using The Great Gatsby and Midnight in Paris as our texts. This is good chance to both discuss the theme in both stories as well as practice writing for the final exam.


The Great Gatsby

Considered one of the greatest American novels, The Great Gatsby is about love, jealousy, wealth and the fallacy of the “American Dream.” AS we read through this book we will be doing a number of in-class activities both individually and as a group.

Here are week one’s assignments:

  • vocab: know your words
  • Ch 1-3 discussion topics: group and individual work
  • Creative Writing Character Introduction

The Next Adventure

The second unit in the course is about Being Present in and Age of Distraction and it focuses on our relationship with technology and specifically social media. We begin with an analysis of our own phone use and then examine the affects of smartphones on our culture at large.

This week we will begin some non-fiction reading and a one-paragraph article review on the article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation.” (attached below)

Our literary text involves a show that examines what our world would be like if social media popularity was used as currency and the anxiety created by the supposed “digital age.” We will try our hand at some poetic creative writing as our main project for the week.


English 12 – The Beginning

Welcome to the final English course of your high school career. The goal here is to provide you with an outline of what we’ve done and important info in case you missed anything.

Our first unit is on the idea of the story and how important stories are to our own fulfillment in life. Our main text is the movie Stranger Than Fiction where we examine the life of Harold Crick. I’ll attach the movie study doc below in case you can’t find yours.