1984 – Part I

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

Part I is about the world where Winston Smith lives and his resistance to the oppressive state that controls every part of his life.  He knows there’s something wrong and he is desperate to find a way to voice this feeling.  As the reader, your job is to understand the setting of 1984 and the mood created in Part I.  If we have a good grasp of the details, we can move to the bigger ideas.  We are not ants, we are humans. (see page 96).

Goals for the week:

  • read Part I
  • Written responses
    • Analyze the first line It was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking 13
    • What is the Mood of the story
    • Vocabulary list needs to be understood
    • Connect the Words sheet completed
    • Describe the uses of Irony in the first chapter
    • How does Newspeak protect the citizens of Oceania

Trapped in the Cave with your Smartphone

We are often trapped in a cave of our own making and don’t realize the shadows we see on the wall are only that, shadows of the real world.  So what is the ‘real world’ and how do we learn to see the true beauty around us?  Look Up from your phone is a good place to start.  

Here’s a list of the unit assignments and what you should have finished by Tuesday, Feb 27th:


  • Article summary: “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?”
  • Journal Entry: What keeps us trapped in the Cave?
  • Article summary: “Your Smartphone is Making You Stupid, Antisocial…”
  • “Nosedive” discussion responses
  • Poetic Rant
  • Journal Entry: What’s your smartphone addiction level? (a reflection on the topic)