Stories from Soldiers of War

This week we remember those who fought in the great wars of the past and think about the stories of men and women who had to suffer through these times.  Through pictures, texts and film we will hear some of these stories and try to understand as best we can what it would have been like to be in a war.

  • The first assignment is a “Letter Home” from a soldier who has gone through the training and now waits on the eve of battle.  We are using the first episode of “Band of Brothers” as our text and choosing characters to use as our person to role play writing a letter home.

What We’re Reading and Interim Reports

We are into our final week of of first novels of the semester and here’s a list of the activities we’ve worked on thus far:

  • intro CATAPULT assignment
  • Signposts of what’s to come in the story
  • Double Entry Journal” Quote on left side, your comment on the right
  • Sentence, Phrase, Word & Passage Connections
  • Character analysis

This week we look at the big ideas from your story so push on and read, read, read.

Interims will be out early this week so we know where we’re at and can catch up where needed.



We’ve watched Everest. We’ve climbed Everest.  We’ve learned about the abuse of the Sherpa population and how Everest has been ruined by mountain tourists.  Now we write our own story of Everest.

Your writing options are:

  1. Travel Journal
  2. Short Story

In both cases we will focus on the writing principle of “Show Don’t Tell” and how our writing should draw us into the story so we feel like we are there rather than just tell us the events that are happening.  We will work on this for the next three days and a good copy will be due Tuesday, Oct 2nd.

Story Diagram


Finishing the Short Fiction Unit

We’re just about finished the first unit so here’s your checklist to make sure you know what you have to hand in:

  1. Twisters: tell a story in a couple sentences
  2. Autobiography: your first journal entry is a reflection on who you are and what is important to you
  3. Micro-Fiction: a short story (1 page) about a particular episode in your life that is memorable and taught you something
  4. The Rant: what really annoys you? Write it out in one page. (Due Tuesday)
  5. Short Film Analysis: write a one paragraph analysis on one of the short films we have watched. This is a formal write and must be typed (due Friday)

First Week: short and reeeally short fiction

Welcome to English 10 with Mr. Rowe!

I’m happy to be here and I hope you are too.  These 5 months are going to be quite the ride so buckle up and get ready to go.  This week we look at short fiction that involves everything from stories you can fit into a Twitter post to Short Films that will make you cry.

Keep this website bookmarked somewhere so you always know what is going on.  This week’s assignments will be up shortly.