Macbeth – the final chapter

We have come to the final unit of the course and it is Shakespeare. Why not save the most difficult task for last I say. The structure of the unit is simple. We work through the play using the full text, graphic novels and film and explore the key themes of Ambition, Fate, Guilt and Violence.

The assignments are attached below:


Ready Player One

For our next novel we dive into the world of virtual reality and the adventure of Wade Watts in Ready Player One. We only have one set of books so we’re reading and working on it in class but of course, you can always come in during Flex to read ahead.

Our goal this week is to read past the first challenge and work on the discussion topics on the hand out. Tuesday and Wednesday’s reading need a ‘Sentence, Phrase, Word’ activity as well:

  • Sentence: find a sentence that is meaningful to you
  • Phrase: reduce the sentence to a few words to make a phrase
  • Word: single out one word that anchors the text
  • Main Theme: how does this tie into one of the main themes?

Fahrenheit 451 Part III

We are finishing the novel this week and examining the movie version which is quite different. On Tuesday the work for Part III is due and Wednesday will be the final website work day for the novel. I have attached the Part III work in case you misplaced your page.


NW 11 – Term 2

Now that all the craziness of getting Term 1 wrapped up is finished, we can move on to Term 2. We are into the second part of Fahrenheit 451 and a discussion on distraction and advertising. Here’s what we’ve discussed so far:

  • What were the 3 Things Faber mentions are needed to help rebuild society?
  • Why does he refer to the allusion of Hercules and Antaeus?
  • What does Mrs Phelps cry when Montag reads the poem?

The in-class assignment was to create a short commercial with a tag line and jingle. The stickiest commercial wins!

For our websites we are getting into “meme-ology” and the study of information translation through memes. The first step is to demonstrate an understanding of the big concepts in F451 by creating a meme using the photo bank attached.


CW 11 – Indian Horse

We’re about half way through the novel Indian Horse and have a number of smaller assignments in our journals that will be handed in on Thursday, Oct 31st.

The major project for the novel starts Monday, Nov 4th and will take us through the week.


NM 11 – Fahrenheit 451

Act 1 work: We are just about at the end of Act 1 and the work is due Tuesday, Nov 5th. Website work is also due this Friday, Nov 1st and here is the checklist for that:

  • Overall look: is it organized? If all the stock content removed? Photos?
  • About Me Page: complete with a photo
  • Symbolism posts: 1 from the Matrix, 1 from F451
  • Editorial: Your thoughts on censorship


The Matrix

Essays are due Tuesday! Once again, here is the problem before us:

Explain how the Wachowskis show that through Neo’s story, humans can reach our fullest potential because we have free will.

Also, make sure Dani (the TA) has your website address so we can check up on your posts.


Animal Farm

allegory: a symbolic narrative

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a story about animals rebelling against their master then against themselves. It is an allegory of the Russian Revolution or French Revolution or anytime we think we overthrow oppressive power only to become the oppressors.

This is our first novel (a novella really) and through it we will be working on content analysis and preparing to compose and essay on the major themes. This is our first major composition at the grade 10 level so steel yourself for the challenge ahead.


Media 11 – Can new media forms affect our understanding of what is real?

The story of Carson sheds light on how a real-world tragedy can be documented in real-time by social media. Not only does it raise questions about our responsibility as onlookers, whether physically present or present online, and how these new forms of media distort our vision of reality.

This unit is more of a philosophical examination of reality and what keeps us from seeing our true selves in this world of distractions.


CW 11/12 – Art of the Playlist

Music is a part of life. And if you were to ask each person what their top 5 songs were you would undoubtedly get differing answers for each. This is why it’s important to understand a little bit more about what messages come through to us in these songs.

The Art of the Playlist makes us examine our music as well as understand the idea of THEME better.

Here are some cool examples of album cover art