Trapped in the Cave with your Smartphone

We are often trapped in a cave of our own making and don’t realize the shadows we see on the wall are only that, shadows of the real world.  So what is the ‘real world’ and how do we learn to see the true beauty around us?  Look Up from your phone is a good place to start.  

Your first task is to research Plato’s Cave allegory and try and explain what he is trying to say about his own society.

Next, brainstorm a list of the negative effects smartphones have had on us.  Think both of the individual and of our relationships.

Finally, see how many of these illustrations apply to the lists you’ve made.  Are other people (artists) thinking the same things?

The Effects of the Cell Phone


English 12 – The Beginning

Welcome to the final English course of your high school career. The goal here is to provide you with an outline of what we’ve done and important info in case you missed anything.

Our first unit is on the idea of the story and how important stories are to our own fulfillment in life. Our main text is the movie Stranger Than Fiction where we examine the life of Harold Crick. I’ll attach the movie study doc below in case you can’t find yours.